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Alerion Partners invests in companies that have high growth potential in the following markets:
consumer products, marketing and business services, and targeted media.

The members of our investment team have extensive experience as venture capitalists, private equity investors, entrepreneurs, operators, consultants and bankers. The breadth of experience and depth of understanding that our team brings to each company's specific situation give Alerion a unique advantage in helping entrepreneurs and companies accelerate their business development and achieve exceptional growth.

Some investment firms evaluate potential portfolio companies strictly through the lens of achieving financial results. Others are able to augment this approach with an ability to assess a company's products through detailed knowledge of markets and consumer behavior. Alerion's investment professionals bring a unique third perspective to their investment strategy, coupling these first two principal abilities with outstanding track records of success as both entrepreneurs and operators. The resulting synthesis of capabilities enables Alerion to understand, anticipate and manage the issues that growing businesses encounter.