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Our Story

Alerion Partners was formed in 2004 to leverage the proven successes and unique blend of skills of its investment professionals. An experienced, dynamic and collaborative team, the partners have worked closely together in varying capacities since the 1990s.

Alerion has proven expertise in accelerating a company's development, gained from our investment professionals' unique experiences participating directly in all stages of companies' value creation cycles. Alerion's investment professionals have achieved considerable successes as investors, entrepreneurs, operators and managers. This comprehensive range of skills and perspectives allows for a truly unique ability to work with companies to help them achieve considerable growth.

Having experienced the process of starting and growing companies themselves, each of Alerion's investment professionals can relate to the unique and varied operating and financial issues that confront growing companies and their management teams. As a result, Alerion can offer its management teams a wealth of growth ideas, industry contacts, feedback and counsel to help build significant value and achieve superior operational results.

A vital part of Alerion's investment philosophy is its commitment to support and grow the management teams of its portfolio companies; this motivating principle is exemplified through our approach of teamwork and guidance.