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Our Investment Process


As former entrepreneurs and operating managers, Alerion's partners understand that obtaining financing can be a long and time-consuming process and, most significantly, is often valuable time spent away from your customers and team. We strive to review opportunities quickly and either move forward toward an investment or provide feedback on our concerns as soon as possible, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their companies.

Stage 1: Discovering Investment Opportunities
Alerion receives new investment opportunities from a wide array of sources. Many of our referrals come from entrepreneurs, executives, investors, bankers and other professionals with whom we have previously worked. Once we find an opportunity that resonates with our investment strategy, our preference is to receive an executive summary or summarized business plan that we can review in advance of an initial meeting.

Stage 2: Opportunity Exploration
During a first meeting, we typically look for companies to provide a presentation of the business opportunity including: reason for being, market overview, product/service technology, management background, competitive analysis, business model (including financial forecasts) and current equity structure. Should the opportunity fit within our investment criteria, Alerion then commences a comprehensive appraisal including a thorough review of more detailed information and documentation, visitation of company locations, reference calls on the management of the company, product/technology evaluation, review of intellectual property by patent counsel and other market, customer and competitive analyses.

Stage 3: Deal Structure
At this stage, we discuss anticipated capital needs, valuation and legal issues with the company, after which Alerion is then able to construct and deliver a term sheet. When a consensus has been reached on all the terms, Alerion commences final due diligence, which is typically the last step prior to making an investment.

Stage 4: Management of Investments
As an active investor, Alerion strives to be a valuable contributor to management and the board of directors. With extensive experience as entrepreneurs, managers and investors in growing companies, Alerion is able to provide strategic guidance, tactical experience, introductions to key industry contacts, recruiting and other resources to help our companies be successful. Overall, our key value proposition is to act as experienced counselors, assisting CEOs and their teams in making the crucial decisions necessary to grow their companies optimally.

Stage 5: Deal Exits
A successful investment exit results from careful and intelligent planning that begins with the initial investment and continues throughout the company's growth. Alerion helps management prepare fully for the ultimate realization of the investment through a strategic sale or initial public offering. When appropriate, Alerion can leverage its strategic contacts and investment banking relationships to facilitate a transaction to maximize the value of the company. In all cases, Alerion strives to protect and reward its valuable management and employees.