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Current Investments

Previous Investments

Previous Investments

The following companies are prior investments by Alerion's partners.


ScentAir Technologies is the leading global provider of scent marketing solutions with over 30,000 installations in 105 countries producing over three billion scent impressions annually. ScentAir's patented delivery systems help create exceptional customer experiences for clients in a variety of industries including hospitality, retail, healthcare and entertainment. ScentAir offers a full spectrum of scent delivery solutions, from large-scale dispersion systems to self-contained fixtures for distributing scent in commercial environments. ScentAir's technical deployments are also found in engineered systems for military training and aviation simulation.

Convergence Marketing

Convergence Marketing provides retailers and consumer products manufacturers with resources and integrated process solutions for fast and effective merchandising implementation on a national level. Convergence Marketing's national employee workforce, asset based fulfillment and logistics capabilities and custom designed database enterprise system create a unique service offering for implementing product launches, category updates, fixture installations, store remodels and other major retail merchandising initiatives.

Productivity Solutions

Productivity Solutions was the innovator and leader in automated self-checkout solutions for retailers. Alerion's partners led the recapitalization and restart of the company in 2000. As a result, Productivity Solutions added top-tier retail customers, grew revenue over 6 times in less than four years and was sold to IBM in 2003.

Lamaze Publishing

Lamaze Publishing was a for-profit company that licensed the “Lamaze” name to create a series of baby and parenting media vehicles. After an investment by one of Alerion’s partners, the company launched multiple magazines and a sampling and coupon business. The company was merged with the Newborn Channel and sold to iVillage in 1999.

Newborn Channel

Newborn Channel provided parenting information to new mothers. The company was initially financed with $17 million in venture capital. After a subsequent recapitalization investment by one of Alerion’s partners, the company was repositioned from an in-home cable channel to a satellite-fed cable network aired directly to new mothers exclusively in hospital rooms. The company was merged with Lamaze Publishing and sold to iVillage in 1999.


eToys was the pioneer Internet retailer that created the first online retail toy store, enabled by an initial investment from one of Alerion’s partners.

Tone Brothers

Tone Brothers was a 100 year old spice company with a strong brand name that was losing significant market share. After an investment by one of Alerion’s partners, the company was repositioned to distribute a wide range of private label products in the growing warehouse club and food service markets while leaving the traditional grocery markets to larger competitors. The company increased its value sevenfold in three years and was sold to Rykoff-Sexton.


Bruce Failing was the founder and CEO of ActMedia. The company was the first in-store advertising and promotions company in the U.S. and provided full color ads mounted on grocery store shopping carts. The company went public and was later sold to Heritage Media for $180 million. The company was later sold to NewsAmerica Marketing.